Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bizarre Inspiration ?

Dan Radice, a 30 year old man from Niagra Falls self-titled as "Fad Boy", must not have been able to pick just one diet, so he put them all together. He is calling it "The Grandly Spectacular and Fantastically Phenomenal Fad Diet Experiment". He is doing a total of 14 fad diets in 18 weeks with no exercise other than your usual day to day activities like walking.

Dan Radice tries each diet for 7 days, takes a one day break, then starts another.

His first diet, the cabbage soup diet, brought him to a 9 lb loss. Since that first week in January, he's continued on with diets like The Pasta and Chocolate Diet and the Hollywood Diet, bringing him to a total loss of 51 pounds and 25 inches!

Note: Radice did consult his doctor before beginning his experiment, and is well aware of the risks of fad dieting.

While fad diets aren't the best in the world for permanent weight loss, you have to wonder if it's better/healthier than how he had been "dieting" [and by dieting I mean his entire lifestyle].

Got a particular diet in mind and want an account of its effectiveness? Need a little inspiration? Just want to see if that craziness works? I'd say give his blog a looksie.

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  1. He's Sexy and less than 20 miles away from me :D