Thursday, July 16, 2009

Don't Kid Yourself

One of the biggest problems that women trying to lose weight face is the issue of 'honesty'. Honesty with others, yes, but it is honesty with oneself that is the most important factor in weight loss.

People are always asking successful dieters; how did you do it? What plan did you follow? How tall are you? How much are you exercising? Do you drink meal replacements? and so on and so on and so on. While these are all great questions which help to educate us, they are so often questions which people ask because they are to scared to take a hard look at the reality of their own patterns around food consumption and honesty.

Losing weight IS a mathematical equation. If you are taking in less calories than you are burning every day, you are going to lose weight. We all know this right? Then why is it that so many people still do not lose weight? And why is it that so many people say 'but I did so good this month! And I didn't lose ANYTHING!'? ....... it just doesn't add up.

If there is one thing that I have (unhappily) realized from dieting it is this; human beings actually require VERY LITTLE food for optimum health and weight range. I would love to be able to eat even three times a week the chocolaty / carby / cheesy kind of things I so often desire, but I KNOW that my body will just not cope with that in terms of weight loss. I know that a tiny indulgence for me personally can often mean the difference between losing weight, or not. That is the harsh reality of my metabolism.

The key is to be brutally honest with yourself about what you are really eating. Journaling your food for a solid three months is a great way to start being honest with yourself. Even on a really bad day you must persevere and write down the terrible truth! And when you look back after a month or two you will see what kind of an eating pattern it is that you have. It will be a revealing and educational experience. As long as you are prepared to learn.

Losing weight is so so so possible! As long as we are prepared to own up to our own habits and get real about what our bodies can cope with.

There are lots of printable food journals available online, such as


  1. EVERYTHING you said is very true. Many people try to sugar coat weight loss, but it's tough shit! You need to have willpower.

  2. This is exactly what my blog talks about. I journal what I eat everyday. This keeps me honest and allows me to see where I've been successful and what I should do to continue to have good results.